I, Doug Springer, am running for the OPRF High School District 200 school board. 

This is an important election — with four open seats we all have an opportunity to vote for change. And change is what we need. For the past four years, D200 has been operating with no strategic plan, merely a “framework.” Virtual plans yield virtual results.

The new pool plan? Unsuccessful! We need to build a new pool — one with a well-considered plan to make it successful.

A long-term facilities plan? Non-existent! We need a plan to make our classrooms technology-enabled and aligned to modern teaching needs.

An equity plan for all students? Undeveloped! Our students need a plan that’s grounded in accountability, is performance-based and will provide equity reporting standards.

Transparency? Missing! We all deserve to know what’s working and what isn’t or risk continuing to see only what is filtered to us via emotional single-issue votes. 

The D200 board must put students first while balancing their needs with those of faculty, administration and the community at large. This is accomplished with an open, transparent and ongoing conversation. It includes having a communication plan to keep all participants informed about objectives, milestones, achievements, and results. 

The reason I seek your vote is I deeply believe it is time for change on this board. People with fresh ideas and real problem-solving skills. People who will create and help execute a strategic plan for today — and for the next 100 years of OPRF High School. People who will listen and make informed and equitable decisions for “Those Things That Are Best.” 

I believe we all want success. We want to build on our track-record of excellence and this will require ongoing investment. We simply need to make those investments not one-at-a-time but with a full plan. We need to keep each other informed about ongoing needs, ongoing achievements, and what’s coming next. 

I believe in OPRF. My children have already graduated or currently attend the school. We are nearby neighbors. We have appreciated the academic excellence, the excellent teaching and administrative teams, the athletic programs, the arts. We have appreciated the diversity, the history and the promise of OPRF. 

I believe D200 is great and can be even better.

If you agree, then I hope you will believe in me when you go to the ballot box. Vote for Doug Springer (www.DouglasWSpringer.com). 

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