I am writing in response to Jason Koehn’s One View in the March 15 Wednesday Journal [The facts about our project at Lake and Forest, Viewpoints]. I have been a resident of Oak Park since 1960 and have appreciated the parks in our community.

No one has said, as Mr. Koehn alleges, that Austin Gardens would be “destroyed” by the Albion project. This building would, however, irreparably damage Austin Gardens.

With regard to his attempted analogy with Mills Park:

After Mills Park Tower was built, a small playground was installed at the south end of Mills Park. The configuration was the same as Albion’s proposal: tall building immediately south of a park. It was not long afterward, however, that the park district removed the playground. The sand surface was blown around by swirling winds generated around the tower. The playground was unpleasant and essentially unused. 

This hardly argues that an 18-story tower will not have an impact on Austin Gardens.  We cannot afford that impact.

Nancy Norton

Oak Park

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