I strongly endorse my friend and neighbor, Craig Iseli, for the District 200 high school board. Craig is an insightful thinker who is able to cut through the noise and quickly get to the core of an issue. I was fortunate to benefit from his leadership during my service on the Finance Oversight and Review Committee for District 97 (the “FORC”), when he was the chair.

Craig leads through service. While presiding over FORC, he was careful to listen to differing viewpoints. He thoughtfully balanced sometimes conflicting concerns over taxes and school programs. Together, we instituted a benchmarking methodology to help evaluate the efficiency and efficacy of the district’s spending.

He cares deeply about our community, and shares our values: equity, excellence, and inclusion among others. He has dedicated a great deal of time and effort in pursuit of creative and practical solutions to the challenges we face in our schools. He is more than a single-issue candidate; he will represent all of us.

Craig gets things done. He has been an effective board member, having served both on corporate and nonprofit boards. He knows how to write effective and relevant policies, how to institute useful process, and how to motivate colleagues to action. He is a successful entrepreneur and corporate executive. His broad experience will be an asset to the board.

Aaron Lebovitz

Oak Park

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