We are writing to support the candidacies of Matt Baron, Jack Davidson, and Douglas Springer for OPRF High School District 200 school board and Heather Claxton-Douglas for the Elementary District 97 school board. During the course of the past year, as we became involved in local school issues, we interacted with many people we had never met before or met only superficially, discovering that, though we had different reasons to be concerned about school-related issues and decisions, our desire to find better answers to these issues brought us together. 

Those concerns, coupled with a desire to seek community-oriented solutions, and the knowledge and insight gained working on the issues, inspired Matt, Jack, Douglas and Heather to continue working for meaningful improvements for our children’s education by running for election to the D200 and D97 school boards. 

The decision to run for office is not easy, but the decision for whom to vote is easy when you have candidates who have proven themselves to be hard workers who diligently study the issues from all sides:

Through his service on the Oak Park Library Board, Matt has demonstrated innovative thinking and the interpersonal skills essential to meeting many challenges.

His background in managing complex projects while keeping costs in check are skills Jack will use in approaching issues at OPRF High School.

His years running a retail business in Oak Park gives Doug an in-depth knowledge of our community and the ability to understand what residents want.

Her training in scientific policy enables Heather to identify which learning programs and policies are the best tools to improve success for all students.

What may have started out with a concern about tearing down a parking garage, or overspending on a very big swimming pool, grew into a concern over broader issues in the community. Maintaining diversity and affordability, understanding that “wants” must be tempered by “needs” so tax dollars are spent responsibly, and recognizing the importance of community responsiveness and engagement are important goals that these four candidates share. Another goal they share is to be prudent stewards of our tax dollars and spend where our dollars will have the most meaningful impact on student outcomes. 

To ensure the best possible education outcomes for all students, while ensuring your tax dollars are spent with care, vote for Heather Claxton-Douglas for D97 and Matt Baron, Jack Davidson and Douglas Springer for D200.

Maureen Kleinman, Gina Sennello, Monica Sheehan, Leslie Sutphen (and others)

Pragmatic Solutions OP-RF

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