Below are candidate-submitted answers to a biographical survey Wednesday Journal sent out to all candidates running in this year’s elections.

What qualifies you to serve on the library board and what motivated your interest in the position?

I have served on the Board for eight years which included being chair of the budget and finance committee for three years. I was motivated to serve because I value the library as an institution that is valuable to Oak Park.

The library recently implemented a social worker program that replaced private security guards at the library with in-house social workers. What are your thoughts concerning this change?

I suggested this change eight years ago and think that it is a good idea.

The library is currently paying down bond debt for construction of the Main Library. Should the library reduce its tax burden on residents once the bond debt is retired and if so how? Should cuts be made to existing library initiatives to further reduce the tax burden? If so, which ones specifically?

The library will reduce its taxes and will consider expanding services by increased hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Cuts should not be made. 

The library is considering eliminating late fines for books. Do you support this initiative? If so, why? What else can the library do to increase outreach to patrons?

I support the elimination of late fines because it does not affect when books are returned and will increase usage by patrons with limited financial resources.  The library should engage teens especially those that congregate outside the door.

What should the library be doing to move beyond its traditional mission of loaning books, DVDs and other materials?

The library should enhance its role as a community center by decreasing fees for rental space.

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