If you get a hankering for an OP Burger – that’s short for Oak Park – and a side of hop salt fries, oh, and don’t forget to grab a Neckthumper Russian Imperial Stout while you’re at it, you might want to head out to Oak Park Brewing Company – you know, the one in Sacramento, California.

 Wednesday Journal recently learned of Oak Park Brewing Company – not to be confused with the one at 155 S. Oak Park Ave. – due to a trademark dispute the company had with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In case you’re already completely confused, Oak Park is not only the name of Chicago’s best suburb, it’s also a the name of a neighborhood in Sacramento.

Long story short, the trademark office rejected Oak Park Brewing Company’s proposal to remove the words “Sacramento, CA.” from its labeling because of other prominent locations in the United States named Oak Park. 

Did you know they exist in Alabama; San Diego, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Omaha, Nebraska, Oregon and Kansas?

“We find that the removal of “Sacramento, CA” changes the commercial impression of the original mark in that it no longer refers to Oak Park of Sacramento, California, but rather may refer to another Oak Park, including Oak Park, Illinois with its collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, historically significant buildings and the Hemingway museum,” the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board wrote. 

 But we didn’t need that to know where the real Oak Park is, now did we?

Timothy Inklebarger

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