Our zealous village board is considering erecting an additional monolith just across the street from the Vantage building. The Vantage exceeds a village ordinance and it appears that the Albion building is destined to do the same. 

There are a number of issues that already affect the area and will only be exacerbated by the additional building: increased traffic in the area, wind drafts and a lesser quality of life for people already living in the area. 

Another real problem with this proposal is that it has put Austin Gardens in the bullseye. Its projected height will pretty much shade the village gem which will affect the health and well-being of the trees, other plantings and migrating birds, some of whom make a stop-off there. 

If the Albion building must be built, please let it be the requisite 80 feet so Austin Gardens can survive. 

Kimberley Miller

Oak Park

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