Maya Del Closed: Maya Del Sol closed its doors on Feb. 16 in support of the "A Day Without Immigrants" strike.

It’s difficult to know which businesses in Oak Park have decided to participate in the nationwide “A Day Without Immigrants” strike, which is closing restaurants in support of immigrants, but for one local restaurateur who is participating — who also happens to be the mayor of Oak Park — the issue hits close to home.

Anan Abu-Taleb is owner of Maya Del Sol, a Latin American restaurant at 144 S. Oak Park Ave. He also is a native of Palestine who immigrated to the United States in 1978.

“Some people have worked for us for 30 years, and we’ve see them raise their families in this country; we’ve seen their kids become chefs and lawyers and doctors and carpenters and construction workers – and they are very anxious,” he said.

Abu-Taleb said people across the globe dream of living in the United States because of the opportunities the country affords.

“There is not one day in my life that I’m not grateful I was given the opportunity to live this American dream,” Abu-Taleb said, adding that the more people in the country striving to live the American dream, the better the country becomes. “The sum of all these American dreams is what makes us a country of opportunity.”

Abu-Taleb said immigrants are the backbone of the country and that the current atmosphere of fear and hate creates and alienates people unfairly.

“I think it’s important for people in general to understand that these people have been contributing members in our community in many ways, and they are feeling they could be separated from their own families, from their own kids who were born here, at any moment and that’s a terrible way to live their lives,” he said.

Abu-Taleb, calling the immigration policies of the administration of President Donald Trump “inhumane,” encouraged the nation to show empathy for those who are working for a better life.

“I’m shook up about this whole thing,” he said. “It’s hard to look in these people’s eyes and see how afraid they are.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with immigrants and be exposed to their families. When we get to know one another and look at one another in a way that we are the same, everything changes.”

Maya Del Sol is one of several dozen Chicago area restaurants that are closing for the strike.

Eater Chicago reported that celebrity Chicago chef Rick Bayless announced he is closing his restaurants – Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Xoco, and Fonda Frontera – for the strike. The food-focused website also put out a list of known restaurants in Chicago that are closing for the day.


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