At this critical juncture, it is progressives who have turned out with passion and voice to make plain their anger and frustration with the hash that cynical Republicans are actively making and fully in league with the unstable president they enable.

And so when a conservative Republican congressman comes to River Forest and Oak Park to speak to supporters, a Republican who has not made himself available to his own critical constituents because he can’t take the heat, then there will be protestors. On Friday night, Rep. Peter Roskam, the west suburban Republican on the rise in the House GOP ranks, came as a guest of the bedraggled Oak Park and River Forest Republican organizations. If you can’t grow ’em, you have to import them.

Roskam and the GOPers had no interest in press coverage and bounced the duly pre-registered Wednesday Journal reporter and photographer before he started serving up his defense of Donald Trump and a typically vague plan to overhaul the ACA. Didn’t take long for an audio recording of the talk to surface on YouTube. Better would be actual discussion.

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