Next week another Big Idea. Another $50,000 investment from local entrepreneurs in a singular concept that has the possibility of bringing notable, sustainable change to Oak Park and River Forest. 

The brain child of a small group of local business people harnessed through the good offices of the Community Foundation of Oak Park-River Forest, the Big Idea launched one year back. From that core, some 40 entrepreneurs, including Wednesday Journal, have again invested to fund the notable prize. It will be awarded next Wednesday in a live vote by funders at Wire on Roosevelt Road in Berwyn. It is an inspirational evening and you are invited to take part for a small cover fee.

This week the Journal looks back at last year’s winner: The Surplus Project at the Oak Park-River Forest Food Pantry. The critical concept was that people locally are hungry even as well-prepared meals in hospital cafeterias and other institutions are going to waste. Creating channels to salvage that food and quickly package it for delivery to those in need is the life-changing purpose of The Surplus Project. 

What will be the next Big Idea?

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