Heather Mack

Convicted murderer Heather Mack can’t seem to stay away from social media. 

The former Oak Park and River Forest High School student who was sentenced to serve 10 years in an Indonesian prison – along with boyfriend Tommy Schaefer, who received 18 years – for murdering her mother, Sheila Von Wiese-Mack, in 2014, has maintained a regular presence on Instagram and other social media outlets since her conviction.

Mack most recently made headlines for releasing a video on YouTube.com, stating that she alone murdered Von Wiese-Mack and framed Schaefer, who she says was not involved. The story first appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times.

There is no evidence to support her claim in the video or her claim that she committed the murder in retaliation for the Von Wiese-Mack murdering her husband, Heather Mack’s father James Mack, in a hotel in Athens, Greece in 2006.

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