I appreciate Roberta Arnold’s freedom of speech, but it is clear she does not respect mine [Why keep publishing Milstein’s letters? Viewpoints, Dec. 28]. In addition, nice try comparing me to Donald Trump (I voted for Clinton).

That’s the new thing, right? I do not like what you said; therefore, you are just like Donald Trump. Take out your anger on the Donald not me.

Ms. Arnold asks why the Journal prints my letters. Perhaps my positions represent a portion of the electorate’s disgust at a lack of transparency by Mr. Abu Taleb.

Perhaps my positions represent a portion of our electorate’s dislike of autocratic leadership by Mr. Abu Taleb.

Perhaps the editor realizes he has written similar comments about Mr. Abu Taleb. Did you see those articles Ms. Arnold?

My comments on our autocratic president have been reasonable. Yes, I refer to him lovingly as our Grand Poobah as he piles tall building after tall building into our village. Believe me, there are much worse words.

Your fact-filled letter with specifics of my performance in government was well thought out. Your recall of the facts left me spellbound.

What you are writing is more like Trump: If I do not like what someone writes in the paper, then I will question their right to do so. I will gladly give you my copy of the Constitution.

The paper prints many things I do not like — like your letter — but I would never deny you the right to freedom of expression.

Happy New Year, Ms. Arnold

Robert Milstein

Oak Park

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