I’m writing about Robert Milstein’s most recent letter [The Grand Poobah’s transparent plans, Viewpoints, Dec. 7]. I believe this is the second letter that Wednesday Journal has chosen to publish from Mr. Milstein that is nothing but a rant against the current Oak Park Board of Trustees and Mayor Anan Abu-Taleb. 

In this most recent letter, Mr. Milstein does not even deign to refer to the Mayor by name; instead he calls him “The Grand Poobah” throughout his letter. I could take issue with Mr. Milstein for using Trump-like tactics of name-calling, disrespect, and allegations without providing facts. I could also remark that as a longtime resident of Oak Park, I recall that Mr. Milstein’s tenure on the board of trustees was characterized by animosity and a total lack of accomplishments. 

But my real issue is with Wednesday Journal for giving Mr. Milstein space in its print publication. Mr. Milstein has already made known in the Journal what he thinks of the Mayor; his rants are no longer news, if they ever were. 

With space at such a premium, why devote any of it to letters such as Mr. Milstein’s? 

Roberta Arnold

Oak Park

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