In the recent Chicago Tribune obituary for Dorothy Ogilvie, a once-upon-a-time “first lady” of Illinois, we learned that she had a strong Oak Park connection. Dorothy (wife of the late governor Richard Ogilvie, 1969-73), who died on Dec. 4 at the age of 94, grew up in Oak Park and graduated from OPRF High School. According to the Trib, “Late in her life, she was still able to sing the fight song, her daughter said.”

The governor’s mansion was renovated during their tenure, and the first couple moved into a rental residence during the project, which Dorothy supported and encouraged. She led the committee to oversee the restoration. According to John McCarter, former head of the Field Museum and, if we’re not mistaken, also a former Oak Parker, “She was willing to forego the trappings of the wife of the governor. That was a measure of her, a measure of her modesty and no flamboyance.”

Ken Trainor

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