The VMA did not want to slate a president, only a token, because the VMA presidential candidate is Abu Taleb, and he is smart enough to be their silent choice. He does not need to apply. He did not run a slate because the VMA selected it for him.

The same for trustee. One of those candidates is preferred. Moroney is the third candidate for trustee for the VMA, since your column [Dan Haley, News, Nov. 30] said he was a chosen one. Good enough to vote for right there.

In reality, the VMA has their ticket. Abu Taleb, Brewer, Barber, Moroney and Malinski.

The VMA is not dead … it is smart. They know Abu Taleb will crush anyone who runs against him. He will be a two-term Grand Poobah! He gets two returning supporters and he will love Moroney. 

VMA choices are usually political clones.

Robert Milstein

Oak Park resident and former village trustee

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