The Oak Park Board of Trustees’ meeting is only a few hours away, but Trustee Adam Salzman is already weighing in on social media about misinformation he says is being spread about the board’s plan to discuss a massive development project at Oak Park Avenue and Madison Street.

Salzman tweeted and posted a message on Facebook that says the board of trustees has no plans to approve a redevelopment agreement with Jupiter Realty over the blockbuster project that is expected to span multiple properties along the commercial corridor.

He said in the post that individuals have been publishing false information about the meeting on various social media platforms.

Salzman notes that the board is voting on whether to give Jupiter preferred developer status and whether or not to direct staff to negotiate a redevelopment agreement with the company.

“Those who are circulating information that the Village Board is rushing to approve a redevelopment agreement with Jupiter tonight are, in fact, circulating false information,” Salzman wrote. “There is no Redevelopment Agreement for us to approve.”

He said some of the Internet postings also have said that the agenda item was placed on the so-called consent agenda, which does not include public discussion or a vote. It’s suggested, he said, that this means the board is giving a rubber stamp to the project.

“That is not true,” Salzman said. The item is not on the consent agenda.

The Internet posts also state, Salzman says, that the board will vote on whether to approve bending a portion of Madison Street as part of the project in an effort to create additional space for the forthcoming development. Again, those posts by residents are false, Salzman writes.

He reiterated that the agenda items aim to address “questions of whether to designate Jupiter Realty as the preferred developer and whether staff should begin discussing and drafting the parameters of a Redevelopment Agreement with Jupiter.”

“This is a far cry from actually approving a Redevelopment Agreement and approving a major restreeting of a portion of Madison as an ancillary part of a redevelopment project,” Salzman said. “And we are not voting tonight on whether to approve ‘The Bend.'”

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