The only requirements for most of us (not the cooks!) 

Is to admire the turkey,

Say things like “the stuffing is really good this year,”

“Please pass the gravy,”

And “What’s new with you?” to friends and family,

Then eat (and eat more!) and watch the Game or maybe not.

We are all grateful for abundant food and fellowship

We could also choose to remember other things:

Perhaps sometime this year someone was unexpectedly kind to you

Perhaps you were spontaneously kind to someone

Perhaps you got to know someone much better this year

Perhaps you accomplished something you didn’t think you could do

Perhaps it’s been an uneventful year; maybe that’s good

Perhaps you’re just glad to be alive

A moment of gratitude can be transformative.

May you and yours have a

Happy and memorable Thanksgiving 2016!

Joanne Selden

Oak Park

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