A quick drive around the streets near the high school might lead one to believe that, because there are mostly “yes” signs, the neighbors are for the current pool plan. That would not be the case. I live at the southeast corner of Scoville and Ontario, and I have had four “no” signs removed from my property. Four. That is undemocratic at least, outright censorship at worst. 

I was hanging up my handsome (if I do say so) “Vote NO” banner on my porch last week when an Oak Park police officer drove up. He apologetically informed me that the (as yet unstolen) “no” sign I had planted in the parkway on the corner was, in fact, illegal. No political signs on the parkways! Someone had called in and asked the police to enforce this rule. Someone helping me avoid a citation, surely. How kind.

As I walked over to move the “no” sign to the other side of the sidewalk (from whence it was stolen a few days later), I asked the police officer if I could call him when it was school board election time again, as I remembered many political signs on my parkway along Scoville. He replied that he would be more than happy to get rid of them for me. 

For the pool, against the plan.

Catherine Baumann

Oak Park

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