OK, let’s all take a deep breath.

In the turmoil of this election season, let’s be aware, in our brains and hearts, of exactly what is at stake.

In our country’s history, many times voters have had to choose between candidates (neither of whom would have been their first or second choice). So it is now. A choice such as this one requires that we practice discernment. Discernment is the process which uses our brains and our souls to make crucial decisions for the common good. 

How, discerning the sacrifices made by citizens, some to the final sacrifice, the sacrifice defined in ancient times as “laid on the altar,” can we, the living, vote for Donald Trump? Misguided emotionalism, racism, prejudice are screeching blind fury in this election. Sadly, those in financial and social desperation have been tricked into believing Mr. Trump will save them. Can we, can anyone, knowing his history, see him as president of this country?

The Trump campaign has long ceased to be fodder for comedians. It is a tragedy. Now our governor, Bruce Rauner, who has set so fine an example in discerning government (not), has announced he will support the “party’s ticket.” His usual convoluted logic has him believing this beleaguered state needs Trump.

This election requires grownup, discerning voters. We can make our common way through whatever is ahead. However, what is ahead in a Trump presidency? Can we even envision such chaos? This is reality, not a “reality” television program, where discerning viewers know the “reality” is scripted and pre-fabricated — usually for conflict’s sake.

At this critical juncture, can we remember the words of our second president, John Adams, “Be they levelheaded,” he said, “all will never be lost.”

Mary Young

Oak Park

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