As a senior at OPRF High School, I understand that the changes at OPRF are not going to affect me directly, but I still support the Vote Yes D200 Referendum because it will impact future generations of OPRF students for the better. Vote Yes does not only help the swimming program and swimming PE classes but it will help the performing arts, as well as a new gym for adaptive PE for the special needs kids, as well as updating locker room space and interactive learning classrooms. 

It is very important to get this referendum passed now as there is a huge growth of kids in the performing arts. Personally, I experience every day the lack of space for theater rehearsals — oftentimes we are practicing in the hallway where kids are walking, talking, and socializing, which is very distracting and not conducive to the process of learning our parts. 

Our school is so lucky to have an amazing performing arts program, but as more and more kids join in, there is less and less space. We don’t want to turn kids away from these programs but provide them the space to thrive in the programs that make them comfortable and engaged in something that interests them. 

Our marching band, show choir, concert bands, orchestra ensembles, choir programs, and dance groups are some of the best in the state, as evidenced by the numerous awards each of the ensembles and ensemble members have won over the last several years. 

I was very fortunate to be part of the cast of Little Shop of Horrors last January at the Illinois High School Theatre Fest at Illinois State University. Our two performances were completely sold out and we were the talk of the fest — comments such as, “You guys should be on Broadway,” were heard by us all. We were so thrilled to be representing our community in front of 4,000 students and teachers from across the state. 

A top-notch performing arts program deserves the best we can provide, not just for us, but for generations to come. Please Vote Yes on Nov. 8 and help us to look forward and always be “Those things that are best.” 

Patti Meadors 

OPRF High School senior

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