There are times when it appears ideas pop full blown onto the stage of public discourse in Oak Park. Such is the case with a new proposal that Oak Park begin charging consumers 10 cents a pop for single-use plastic bags from retail stores.

Of course this being Oak Park, the truth is the concept has been studied for months after the idea was first raised by Trustee Colette Lueck. The village’s Environment and Energy Conservation Commission has assiduously reviewed similar plans from Chicago, from Evanston, from communities across the country. They brought options actively out to the business community on multiple occasions and offered online surveys as well. 

Only then did the commission bring its recommendations to the village board for consideration. Finding a way to limit, preferably to gradually eliminate, the use of these sacks is a worthy goal, worthy especially for a community with the stewardship ideals of Oak Park.

We think the fee approach is preferable to an outright ban and we hope the village board moves quickly to adopt this proposal.

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