Did you buy a Quick Pick Lucky Day Lotto ticket at the Mobil gas station at 754 N. Harlem in River Forest? Did you? Think hard.

Because if you did, you could have a check for $350,000 waiting for you.

That’s right, you could be rich! Well, kinda.

The Illinois Lottery announced that one of two winning tickets was sold at the Mobil – the other was sold in downtown Chicago at Manhattan Mart, 454 S. Clark St.

And now for the winning ticket number: 04-18-31-34-38.

The winning number was picked in the Illinois Lottery’s Sept. 20 drawing.

Retailers who sold the tickets also will get a prize of $3,500.

If the ticket is yours, write your name on it and keep it in a safe place, the Illinois Lottery says, and if anybody asks you about it, tell ’em you don’t know nothin’. Then contact one of the Lottery’s five prize centers in Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or Fairview Heights.

The Illinois Lottery gives ticket holders one year to claim the prize, so don’t be lazy; go collect your riches.

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