We are sad to report that the fun will soon end at a local music store that has been in business in Oak Park for decades.

Guitar Fun, after downsizing to a fraction of its space on the corner of Lake Street and Ridgeland Avenue, is having a closing sale, according to the makeshift sign placed near the front of the store, 133 N. Ridgeland Ave.

The business taught generations of children and adults alike to play guitar and for years was the go-to place in Oak Park for sheet music, according to local finger pickers.

Guitar Fun made headlines in Wednesday Journal in September 2015, when their iconic sign ended up in a random online name generator questionnaire that gave fans the chance to find out “Which Wilco Band Member Are You?”

The sign ended up in the band’s Chicago studio, known as The Loft, because it was given as a gift by the band’s management. 

Timothy Inklebarger

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