Let’s keep our cars in good running order. After all, if one taillight is out and the other one goes out, that can cause a rear-ender. Also, at night it’s helpful to have two working headlights; if one is out, that’s not too bad, except suppose the other goes at the same time; then, an accident could occur. Are both your turn signal lights working? These are important: They let the other drivers know your intentions and help keep traffic running smoothly.

On the other hand, maybe you would like to have a conversation with one of our Oak Park police. They’re pretty smart and nice to talk to. It’s your choice.

When appropriate, i.e. not during rush hour, you could give them a friendly “toot-toot” with the horn when you see them in the area although that is against the law and the officer might have to give you a ticket for that.

Also, consider obeying all the traffic laws: Do not speed although we all know that usually going five miles over the limit is OK. Slow down when children are present in the parks and school yards. This is common sense: you do not want to strike and kill a child.

Remember, pedestrians have the right of way. If possible, let that jogger not break his or her stride and give everybody (especially older people) plenty of time to cross the street. Give the bicyclists room. No one likes to be threatened by a 2,000 pound machine, your car.

If you’re carrying a gun and an Oak Park policeman stops you for some reason, you are in a tricky situation. Is the statement “I have a gun” merely informational or does it sound like a threat? I don’t know, I’m not a police officer, being somewhat cowardly myself. I don’t have a gun so I can’t give advice in this situation. 

Let’s be respectful to our police. They deserve it. (And so do you!)

Joanne Selden

Oak Park

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