Dr. Ingrid Liu, a long-time family doctor in Oak Park, has opened a new “membership medicine” family practice at 1100 Lake Street. “I’m very pleased to be back, excited to see so many old friends, and especially looking forward to offering a new kind of primary care here,” she said.

Most family doctors try to look after the health of several thousand patients these days, which means that time and attention paid to each can be tightly restricted, Dr. Liu said. A “membership-style” practice — sometimes called “concierge medicine” — is limited to just a few hundred patients. “This means that we can see you very quickly if you’re ill, and you don’t have to kill time in our waiting room. Appointments aren’t rushed. We can take as long as needed to look after your health. My patients have my email address, and my cell-phone number for emergencies, too. I like being able to stay in closer touch,” she added.

Membership medicine is new to Oak Park and surrounding communities. An fee is charged — less than the cost of a cable TV subscription — and it includes a very thorough physical exam and follow-up monitoring. “We can follow year-to-year changes very closely for each of our patients, and we can be pro-active about maintaining excellent health  — not just reactive, waiting until you’re ill,” Dr. Liu said. “I am able to have exploratory discussions about the latest research on diet and nutrition, about pre-diabetic conditions, and the pros and cons of, say, hormone replacement therapy or prostate tests.”

Dr. Liu’s new office is at 1100 Lake Street, Suite 125. Call 708-251-4431 or visit WellcomeMD.com for more information.

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