The Chicago Tribune’s Marion Renault’s blog included the following profile of an Oak Parker from the Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday, June 26:

“Celine Woznica, of Oak Park, stood at a corner near the parade start with a sign reading ‘Disarm Hate.’

“As a part of the group Moms Demand Action, she said she supports universal background checks and gun safety courses.

“‘I don’t want my children shot up in first grade, shot up in high school, shot up in college or a night club,’ said Woznica, a mother of five, one of whom identifies as LGBT.

“On Sunday, she was also offering ‘free mom hugs’ to passersby.

“‘A lot of people here aren’t getting hugs from families,’ she said, ‘and a lot of moms are missing people to hug.'”

Oak Park was, as usual, well represented at the Pride Parade.

Ken Trainor

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