Last week marked the launch of this year’s #whatwouldyougive campaign. Many of you are familiar with this fundraiser to “End ALS,” and we’re excited to introduce it to the rest of you. 

Our daughter Sarah created this initiative last year, raising nearly $200K for ALS research. But there is still work to be done.

Sarah says, “I just passed the fourth anniversary of my diagnosis, and the ugly truth is that if I’m still alive at this time next year, I will be an outlier in the ALS community. Every person with this disease is running out of time, but with more attention and funding, we can find treatments and an eventual cure for ALS.” 

There are so many things Sarah, now 37, has already given to ALS. She can’t run, walk, drive, cook, wash her own face, eat without help, get into bed, dress herself, or shower alone. She can’t pick up her 6-year-old daughter. 

The majority of this team is made up of people who don’t have ALS. People who are giving up an ability for a short period of time, to help raise awareness of what ALS is and what it does. 

On Aug. 8, for one day, Anne will be giving up the use of her hands and Joe will be giving up the use of his voice and getting around with a walker. 

With more attention and funding, we can find treatments and an eventual cure for ALS. That’s why our team is raising money for ALS TDI, the largest nonprofit biotechnology organization dedicated to developing effective treatments for ALS. 

We are always appreciative of all that you give. Please donate to our team’s fundraising page ( 

Our family would give just about anything to end ALS. #whatwouldyougive

To join the team:

Step 1: Create an account by clicking “Become a Fundraiser”

Step 2: Edit your page with things like your personal fundraising goal, an image, and a customized message with the challenge and date you’ve selected.

Step 3: Start fundraising! The fundraiser is live now through the end of August.

Please share widely! 

Joe and Anne Coglianese

Oak Park

Editor’s note: To read our story about Sarah Coglianese from Oct. 20, 2015, go to (

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