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It’s a small investment but it might go a long way toward bringing new business to town.

That’s what John Lynch, executive director of the Oak Park Economic Development Corporation, seems to think about the brand new business cards he’s ordered that includes illustrations of three new residential real estate developments in the works – Oak Park Station near Harlem and Lake; Vantage Oak Park at Lake and Forest; and District House at Lake and Euclid. “Oak Park Urban Redefined” is stated on the front of the business cards.

“Our goal as an organization is to attract development and investment,” Lynch said in a recent telephone interview. “We’re out there trying to bring developers and retailers to Oak Park that we think are going to be drawn to the urban qualities of the village.”

Lynch said “we absolutely love and embrace” Oak Park’s natural beauty and history, but to attract large-scale developers and retailers, he believes the business cards speak to that audience.

He said the idea came from OPEDC’s new marketing manager Charliese Agnew. “It’s a fresh idea,” Lynch said.

Lynch acknowledged that two of the projects have yet to be built and one – Vantage Oak Park – is still under construction, noting, “That’s why we didn’t print thousands of them.”

“For $50 we thought this was a pretty good investment,” he said.


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