For the Community Relations Commission (CRC) of Oak Park, I would like to thank Carol Kelly, Felicia Starks-Turner, and Lynn Allen of District 97 and David Seleb of the Oak Park Public Library for their efforts to find a new home for D97’s Multicultural Center. A new home is needed due to student population growth requiring the present home of the collection at Julian Middle School to be needed for classrooms. 

The Multicultural Center is a wonderful unique collection of material that helps all D97 students and others appreciate the contributions of all members of our diverse and special community. D97 and the village having a wonderful collection with no home for it would be a terrible loss.

The village of Oak Park is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all our citizens.  The village encourages the contributions of all citizens, regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry and other characteristics that all too often divide people in society. The Multicultural Center’s collection of items from many cultures is a wonderful tool to teach students about the contributions of all people, and the values Oak Park is committed to and encourages.

Also,  the CRC and I would like to thank Dan Haley and Michael Romain of the Wednesday Journal for their continuing effort to advise the community about this issue in articles like the one on May 4 [Library offers to house D97 Multicultural Center at Dole, News].

Tom Zapler

Oak Park

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