"Hello My Name is Doris"

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba didn’t find much of an audience at the Lake Theatre, but if you have any interest in Hemingway, you’ve still got today and tomorrow to see it. Despite tepid reviews, it is a largely accurate depiction of Hemingway at the end of his life, which wasn’t always pretty. The Cuban settings are all authentic and those alone are worth the price of admission. But the film also does a better job than any other in depicting the full range of the old fisherman’s humanity. It’s worth viewing.

“The good news is,” according to Mark Mazrimas, marketing director for Classic Cinemas, who does a good job of trying to meet Oak Parkers’ appetites for indie and offbeat films, “we have a nice little gem to replace it: Hello My Name is Doris” which Mazrimas describes as “a small film with a big performance by Sally Field.” The film has had an extended run at the Glen Art Theatre in Glen Ellyn, which means it has found an audience. Fields was recently profiled in AARP Magazine and touted by their “Films for Grown-ups” reviewer.

Also probably worth a viewing.

— Ken Trainor

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