Passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) still looms in Congress. There are plenty of reasons to oppose passage of TPP, including issues about the environment, health care, food safety, labor, faith, and increased corporate power. For general information on the TPP, go to your browser and type in “TPP and Global Trade Watch” and “TPP and Flush the TPP.”

For the environment, type in “TPP and Food and Water Watch” and “TPP and Sierra Club.”

For health care, type in “TPP and Doctors Without Borders” and “TPP and Physicians for a National Health Program.”

For food safety, type in “TPP and Center For Food Safety” and “TPP and Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.”

For labor, type in “TPP and United Steelworkers” and “TPP and Communication Workers of America.”

For faith, type in “TPP and Maryknoll” and “TPP and Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment.”

For corporate power, type in “TPP and Corporate Power” for a host of links, including information on corporate tribunals, known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).

TPP has been signed by President Barack Obama and leaders from the other 11 countries engaged in the behind-closed-doors negotiations. President Obama along with lobbyists from trans-national corporations will pressure our elected members of Congress to pass it. However, TPP can only be enacted by our elected Congress. Public pressure can stop this corporate power grab.

Should you be stirred by this anti-democratic onslaught, call your congressional representative and your senators and voice your opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Rep. Danny K. Davis serves all of Oak Park and all but a sliver of Northwest River Forest. Rep. Luis Gutierrez serves that sliver. Neither Rep. Davis nor Rep. Gutierrez has made a public statement against TPP.

Call Rep. Davis’ Chicago office at 773-533-7520 or Rep. Gutierrez’s office at 773-342-0774 and tell the person who answers the phone that you oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and want your representative to vote against TPP when the vote happens.

Then call Sen. Mark Kirk at 312-886-3506 and Sen. Richard Durbin at 312-353-4952 and deliver your message again. Because the Congress passed a procedural vote referred to as “Fast Track,” there can be no binding amendments to the TPP. It can only be voted up or down. 

For myriad reasons, it must be voted down. Your voice matters.

Tom Broderick

Co-chair, Greater Oak Park Democratic Socialists of America

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