I am referring to the growth in residential taxable income in recent years with condominiums sprouting up, it seems, everywhere. I, and I suspect thousands of other Oak Park property owners, would like to see an annual publication by the village in Wednesday Journal of condominium creation and simple straightforward tax revenue resulting from it. 

How do we as property owners measure the quality and quantity of how our property taxes are spent except through viewing such complication of data?

Viewing village budgets and comparing how they come to be what they are is, obviously a taxpayer’s duty and responsibility.

However, I have never seen a simple publication of the property tax revenue change for all to see. I may not be saying exactly what we the property taxpayers want to see, but we are sure “it” can be created. Please do so promptly (shall we say 60 days?) And yes, the publication of this information will undoubtedly raise questions of understanding by us, and that is good because passing out compliments to public servants is something we Oak Parkers do well and really enjoy doing so.

Dave Schweig

Oak Park

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