Usually April constitutes the film year doldrums, but the Lake has landed a few films worth noting, a couple of them in limited release. 

Midnight Special, starring Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst and the always intense Michael Shannon, is about a father and son who go on the run after dad discovers his son’s special powers.

Eye in the Sky poses the moral dilemma of modern warfare. A drone is about to take out terrorists when a child “enters the kill zone.” The film stars Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman in his final film role.

Demolition is about a successful investment banker grieving for the wife he recently lost in a car crash. He writes a complaint letter to a vending machine company and forms a connection with the customer service rep, which might happen to you, too, if the service rep were played by Naomi Watts. Jake Gyllenhaal is the unraveling widower.

The Boss, meanwhile, stars Melissa McCarthy, who is, we understand, an acquired taste. After a stint in prison, she tries to “rebrand herself as America’s sweetheart.” Not so fast.

Hey, you can only see Batman vs. Superman so many times, right?

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