In its efforts to apply some method to the pool madness, Oak Park and River Forest District 200 has also created an image — of a wave, believe it or not (which may invoke either seasick-like nausea in some or hopeful anticipation in others or a mixture of both). 

One can imagine, now, how Ferdinand Magellan and his crew must have felt during their voyage around the world. Magellan set off in 1519 and was killed in the Philippines in 1522, but by then the famous sailor and his crew had basically made history by discovering “the eastern edge of the known world” before the discoverer’s men sailed home to Spain.

The community’s been discussing the fate of the high school’s 90-year-old pools for around the same amount of time it took those pre-modern seafarers to decisively prove the earth’s roundness, if not longer; several plans, like poor old Magellan, have fallen casualty to the choppy voyage. 

The high school board, however, is hopeful that, like Magellan’s crew, they can sail homeward bound, hopefully on more placid waters (although the image of a wave doesn’t quite evoke a sense of calm).  

The board will host three community meetings “to share options and to gather community feedback,” according to a statement the district released this week. The meetings will take place on April 9, 11 and 12. The first and last will take place at the high school, while the April 11 meeting will take place at the River Forest Community Center, 8020 W. Madison St., River Forest. 

For more information on meeting times and specific locations, visit

— Michael Romain

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