With the Illinois version of the GOP’s roiling and damaging primary farce now taking its circus train to other destinations, it is a fine day to praise the flowering of long efforts by our own Dominican University to build relations with its counterparts at the University of Havana.

Yep, we hear the receding din even now: Communists. Brown skinned. Terrorist tinged. Illegals. China sympathizing. Enough already with the fear and hate.

We applaud Dominican for its long-nurtured connection with Cuba and the university there.

In fact, Dominican lays claim to being the first American college to feature an ongoing study abroad program — dating to 1925. The Cuba connection goes back nearly a decade and was fostered Professor Christina Perez of the school’s sociology department. 

This week, as President Barack Obama travels to Cuba — the first American president to do so in 90 years — the two schools will simultaneously sign a memorandum of understanding noting their plans to exchange faculty, continue bringing Dominican students to Havana, and, if the government allows, inviting Cuban students to study here. 

This is a very fine thing.

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