On March 15, we have an opportunity to select judges who will serve all of Cook County. The selection of a judge is often fraught with uncertainty, and many ask, “How can I evaluate this candidate? I’m not a lawyer and really don’t know what makes a highly qualified judge.” 

Judge Marc Martin is running for the 11th Judicial Subcircuit and is the highly qualified judge you want to elect. He has had a distinguished 28-year career as a trial attorney, appellate attorney and legal scholar. 

Judge Martin was born and raised in Oak Park and attended Fenwick High School. He knows of the challenges our kids face every day who suffer from disabilities and disability discrimination, as he navigates society with his own son, who is autistic. 

Judge Martin’s background, experience and temperament were extensively evaluated by the Illinois Supreme Court and he was appointed by Justice Ann Burke, based on his high qualifications. But Supreme Court Justice Burke has not been the only one to conclude that Judge Martin is highly qualified. The preeminent evaluator of candidates for the Cook County judiciary, the Chicago Bar Association, also determined that Martin has earned its “Highly Qualified” ranking. He is the only candidate in the field to attain the Highly Qualified evaluation from both the CBA and the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago. 

Choosing a highly qualified judge is often difficult. In this election, the choice is clear. Many candidates seeking judicial election are community focused, civically engaged and well respected, as Marc is. However, few are all of these things and actually capable of fulfilling the duties of a judge: to be learned in the law, possess an appropriate temperament to dispense justice to all, write in a scholarly manner, and have the extensive experience of a trial lawyer. 

If you want our justice system to reflect the high quality and excellence you should expect, vote for Judge Marc Martin on March 15. 

Luke Casson

Oak Park

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