Oak Park Elementary School District 97 Superintendent Carol Kelley is soliciting community feedback as she attempts to implement “a vision for our district that is clear and has a specific and sustainable focus,” she noted in a statement. 

“By accomplishing this, we will be able to support the long-term success of our schools and more effectively meet the needs of students.” 

The community input process follows a period of “several hours” of planning by 50 key stakeholders during a retreat on Jan. 30. The session resulted in vision statements that included phrases such as, “A passion for equity and excellence,” “Empowering all stakeholders to inspire visionary (moonshot) global collaboration,” and “Community of engaged learners empowered to persevere and succeed.” 

The district is requesting that community members provide their feedback through an online survey delivered by a program called Mentimeter. The feedback form will be live until March 1. District staff will present the board with the feedback during a meeting on March 15. 

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