I’m grateful to Wednesday Journal for pointing out the dire condition of the swimming pools at OPRF High School [As OPRF pool plans stall, the old pools crumble, News, Feb. 3]. We’ve spent so much time talking about the future of the pools while ignoring the very real issues our sons and daughters face every day: poor air quality that leads to asthma attacks, walls that are only held up by water pressure, swimming rats and mice. Ugh! If someone were trying to force our children into a different facility with these issues, we’d be up in arms. Why aren’t we up in arms about getting these pools replaced quickly?

There is no easy solution to replacing the pools. If there were, we’d have done it already. But while we shoot down one option after another, year after year, the pools only get worse and the risk to our children grows. We’ll never find a solution that makes everyone happy. 

What I fear is that tragedy will befall one or more of our students while we continue to try to protect various interests. That’s an outcome none of us can live with.

Kris Gallagher

Oak Park

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