While understandable that the pools need to be renovated or upgraded, it is difficult to understand why you suggest that the tennis courts are the “only logical place” [Swirling above the pool’s drain, Dan Haley, News, Jan. 6]. 

The perception that the high school courts are rarely used is totally false. The courts are used by both tennis teams in the spring and fall and used during the summer for tennis lessons. Similar to the pool, the tennis courts are used for gym classes. In addition, the courts at OPRF High School are open to the public when the teams are not using them (unlike the pool), so they are frequently used by Oak Park residents. 

I have read the argument that the Scoville courts could be a replacement. However, there are only three courts located at this location and these courts are already used by the JV teams. The tennis courts at Taylor Park were recently updated but these courts are used by the Fenwick tennis teams. 

The only other decent courts in our village are the two courts at Maple Park. The balance of the tennis courts in Oak Park are in very poor condition and desperately need resurfacing. 

The argument for the new pool is that our current pools are below the standard for the district. Many of the facilities fall into this category, including the tennis courts that need updating. It doesn’t appear to be fair that we are going to banish tennis (a sport with a long history at OPRF) to make way for a new Olympic-sized, 50-foot pool. Is it possible we can renovate the existing pools to avoid the consequences of the parking shortage or punishing other team sports? 

Fenwick did an extensive renovation of their pool and although it is the 25-meter standard, the water polo and swim programs are thriving. 

The pools are old but so is the school. The infrastructure is aged and there is a real possibility that we will need funds to address other issues within the school. Perhaps we need to consider a mid-priced practical pool option rather than the top of the line alternative. It might just be time for a compromise.

Melinda Murray

Oak Park

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