Please help me out here — I’m not sure I fully understand this. The District 200 school board proposes to spend taxpayer money to buy a parking garage that was built with taxpayer money. They then plan to spend taxpayer money to tear down the aforementioned garage built with taxpayer money so that they can build a new swimming facility using, you guessed it, more taxpayer money. 

We, the taxpayers, were told that spending our money to build said garage (did I mention that it was built with taxpayer money?) would solve a critical parking shortage in the vicinity of the high school and thus be of great benefit to the students, teachers, staff and neighbors. So, responsible citizens that we are, trusting our local government representatives, we, the taxpayers, gladly ponied up the cash (i.e. taxpayer money) to build this vital parking structure. 

So here’s what I don’t understand. Is there no longer a parking problem which this parking garage would alleviate? If not, where did it go? Do teachers and students no longer drive to the high school? Or could it be that the original problem was overblown and the taxpayers funded the construction of an unneeded parking structure? I would hate to think that our elected officials were that inept. 

Equally distasteful is the thought that the D200 board might exhibit such callous disregard for the students, teachers, staff and neighbors of the high school — and the taxpayers’ hard-earned money, for that matter. 

Maybe it is just me, but I find this whole situation very confusing. Any clarity you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Mike McGonigal 

Oak Park 

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