District 200 and local law enforcement officials are investigating an alleged sexual assault that reportedly took place on Dec. 21 “in the building during nighttime hours,” according to a statement released by the district the day of the alleged incident.

So far, the district hasn’t offered specific details about the incident, but noted that it only involved students and appears to be an isolated event. Oak Park police couldn’t be reached to comment on whether or not a criminal report had been filed. 

According to the district’s statement, the alleged assault has provoked a series of immediate actions “to see how we might enhance the security measures we already have in place to ensure the safety of students.”

“One was to conduct a thorough review of the number and placement of security cameras throughout the building. Because of security issues, the district cannot detail the results of this audit. However, as a result of our review, our staff will begin installing additional cameras throughout the building during Winter Break.” 

The district also noted that it’s reviewing how much access it has allowed on campus after school hours. The statement also cited various program developments — such as the addition of another pupil-support team and an all-male violence prevention program — which might foster “a culture where staff and students feel safe, respected, and emotionally supported.” 

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