We have all read many “common sense” gun control proposals from the Gun Responsibility Advocates group of Oak Park. Let us look to a major police professional of Washington D.C. Yes, Cathy Lanier, the chief of police, was interviewed by 60 Minutes recently. Before (and after) the Supreme Court “Heller vs. Washington D.C.” decision, she has been very, very negative to citizens’ rights under the 2nd Amendment.

Now, on 60 Minutes, she says residents should consider taking action — including shooting — if they find themselves in the midst of a terror attack. Quote: “Your options are run, hide, or fight. If you’re in a position to try and … take the gunman out. It’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”

Why did she reverse herself? How about thoughtfulness, honor, a desire to tell the truth (courage), and saving lives! This is true “common sense.” 

OK, all you opposed to her “common sense,” let’s hear yours. You leaders of the Gun Responsibility Advocates, i.e. Ken Trainor, John Barrett, Ray Heise, Sharon Shimon, Paul Sakol (to name a few). What would you suggest? Wait for the police and hope the killer (who knows he has two to three guaranteed “shooting minutes”) will stop and be nice? Throw things at him? Curse at him? What “common sense,” non-violent, brilliant techniques would you recommend?

At the tragedy of San Bernardino, did the shooters go to a likely “soft target”? They did. Being religious fanatics or just plain psychopaths doesn’t mean being stupid. So their common sense says they know this disabilities center should be a “soft target.” Question: is it “common sense” for business owners, etc. to put a sign on the front door saying, “No Guns Permitted Here”? (All you nasty people who want to kill innocent people, you better not violate that sign, but if you do, you have at least a few minutes until the police can get here.) 

So, when you Gun Responsibility Advocates do your “common sense” analysis, please tell us how having a national shooting gallery called “Gun Free Zones” has done anything except put people’s lives at risk.

Dave Schweig

Oak Park

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