Who are these autocrats who believe they can run roughshod over the taxpayers of Oak Park and River Forest and, without due process, manipulate events so that an Olympic pool can be built at the high school for the total cost of $54.5 million? 

The impact on parking will be great with the removal of the garage and would exacerbate an already difficult problem, not to mention the increase on our property tax bills to come.  

We must defeat this plan presented by the school board of District 200, and come up with a reasonable, more creative — and democratic — solution. It’s imperative that we have a referendum on this issue.

We need 4,211 signatures of Oak Park and River Forest registered voters by Dec. 10 to force a referendum on the pool’s funding. For more information and to download a petition form, visit our Facebook Page: “OPRF Petition for Referendum” at www.facebook.com/groups/1685772731638787/ or get a petition form by emailing petitionforreferendum@gmail.com.

Dorothy Dumelle

Oak Park

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