A police squad car sits outside Oak Park and River Forest High School on Tuesday morning. (Photo by William Camargo/staff)

UPDATED: Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 11:32 a.m.

The Oak Park and River Forest High School campus has been reopened after the police determined that there was no threat. The high school was closed for about an hour Tuesday morning after two students reported seeing a social media posting about the threat of a weapon on campus. During the closure no one other than police was permitted to enter or leave the building.

“The investigation was prompted when an OPRF student saw a social media posting that she believed indicated a potential threat of a weapon on campus,” said Karin Sullivan, the director of community and community relations at OPRF in an email sent to parents at 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

“As soon as the matter was brought to our attention, we decided that the most prudent course of action was to close the campus until police officials could complete their investigation.”

The investigation found no weapons on campus. Oak Park Police Commander LaDon Reynolds said the social media posting seen by the students was related to another Chicago suburb.

“The information I have is that there were two students that received information that there was a threat,” said Reynolds. “They notified their parents and their parents notified the school.”

“Ultimately the situation was resolved the way it was supposed to.”

Within less than an hour, said Reynolds, police determined that the social media posting was related to a different suburb “which was also found to be not credible.”

“This was a repost of a [social media] post,” Reynolds said.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, school officials reopened the campus. All activities and movement throughout the building resumed as normal.


The campus of Oak Park and River Forest High School was closed Tuesday morning as police and school officials investigate the “rumor of a threat” made to the school.

“We have closed the campus,” said Karin Sullivan, the director of communications  and community relations for OPRF. “We are proceeding with our normal schedule and our normal passing periods, but we’re not allowing folks to enter or leave the building.

“We’re working with law enforcement to investigate a threat to the school, so we decided it would be prudent to close the campus while we investigate the rumor.”

According to an email and robocall sent to parents just prior to 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a few parents and students brought to the attention of the school a rumor of a threat to the school. Sullivan said that she did not have any details about the nature of a possible threat.

“At this point I can’t share any more details about the threat,” Sullivan said. “We just found out and moved very swiftly.”

No visitors may enter the building and no students, faculty or staff can leave the building. Passes are not being issued and movement within the building is being limited, although students are moving from class to class normally.

An Oak Park police officer answering the phone at the police headquarters said he could not give out any information but confirmed that police are at the high school.

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