Many Oak Parkers are missing a bet by shopping outside of Oak Park when we may have a viable merchant or firm in our hometown. Buy locally when possible.

Here are four of the many local places I recommend:

Pieritz Office Supply

401 South Blvd. (at Ridgeland Avenue)

They have been in town since 1895, have a wonderful duo running the company and will serve you well on most of your needs.

Oak Park Bakery

904 S. Oak Park Ave.

Your personal bakery for many years with fabulous cakes, cookies and other bake goods. They also give back to the community big-time.

Community Bank

Lake Street and Forest Avenue

Where everybody knows your name and gives your dog a treat when you pull up to the drive in. The only local community bank left. Also gives back to the community. Sponsors the fireworks on July 4th, local races, West Suburban PADS (Housing Forward), etc.

Green Experts

811 South Blvd.

They have hundreds of green products and knowledgeable staff who can recommend what’s best to keep our town and plants clean and green and us healthy.

What are the four local merchants or firms you’d like to tell us about?

Douglas J. Wyman

Oak Park

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