You never know when an issue will catch fire. Well, history will tell you that messing in any way with the tradition of graduation at OPRF is likely to get you singed.

The brand new school board at Oak Park and River Forest High School got its taste last week when a crowd of parents and students turned out to effusively protest the concept of shifting graduation day from its traditional, though not historically permanent, Sunday afternoon slot and back to a weeknight.

Why? Well it’s complicated. Seems to be another ripple from the decision a couple of years back to end the first semester before Christmas. That led to vociferous complaints this year when school started in mid-August to balance the semesters but got school opening out of sync with the grade schools. On the other end of the year, school now gets out sooner, which means holding graduation later to keep it on a Sunday … but not over Memorial Day. 

Well, you get the picture. Mayhem and chaos ensued as this simple, stable element of our local universe was dabbled with. And school board members and administrators thought finding a place for the swimming pool was controversial!

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