IDOT Eisenhower Expressway Simulations - Harlem Avenue

Oak Park and state transportation officials have held a series of meetings over the last year mapping out plans for an expansion of the Eisenhower Expressway, which runs directly through Oak Park.

Repositioning Oak Park’s unique, and highway engineers say dangerous, left-side exits, is an aspect of the eventual re-do. The current proposal moves on-off ramps to the right sides of the highway and includes new walls to block noise along the access roads. Both of these changes have created some local controversy as critics believe the new ramps rise too high above the highway ditch and will cause noise, pollution and aesthetic issues for neighbors of the highway. It’s still years out before the project will begin, but the Illinois Department of Transportation already has released computer-animated simulations that show what a reconfigured Ike might look like as the road intersects with Harlem Avenue.

What do you think about the IDOT simulations and plans for the rebuilt highway?

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