Former Concordia University baseball coach Spiro Lempesis’ legal woes increased last week, following his arrest by River Forest police for criminal sexual assault to a minor.

He was released on bond Sept. 9, after posting $20,000 bail on a $200,000 bond. He is charged with a class 1 felony carrying a sentence of not less than four years and not more than 15 years.

His next court date on the criminal charge is Sept. 26 in Maywood. River Forest police confirmed Wednesday they received a subpoena regarding the Lempesis case directing a detective to appear before a grand jury on September 17.

Lempesis was fired as head Concordia University baseball coach in September 2010 after admitting videotaping sexual contact with a baseball player in his campus office.

River Forest investigators subpoenaed numerous materials, including the video, from a Concordia internal investigation into Lempesis conducted by former Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Collins.

Police also interviewed numerous former Concordia baseball players. The charges brought against Lempesis are similar to allegations made by Anthony Collaro in his civil suit, including Lempesis allegedly fondling Collaro, then 16, and digitally penetrating him.

The River Forest Police Department is not the only law enforcement agency to have investigated Lempesis. A federal agent confirmed in 2012 that a federal/state/county sex crimes task force was looking into allegations against Lempesis. He declined to elaborate.

And in a 2014 federal court filing, the attorney for Lempesis’ accuser Adam Kelly listed two FBI agents as potential witnesses in Kelly’s civil case against Lempesis.

Lempesis has repeatedly denied allegations by Collaro and Kelly that he sexually molested them as minors.

As Lempesis awaits results from the grand jury, the two civil lawsuits against him are moving forward in state and federal courts.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, an amended complaint was scheduled to be filed by Collaro in Cook County Circuit Court, against Lempesis and Concordia University. In August, that case was continued until Sept. 21.

Meanwhile, as Lempesis was being transported to the Maybrook courthouse Friday, Sept. 4 for a bond hearing, the lawyer for his accuser in the second lawsuit against him was filing a motion in federal district court in Chicago.

At issue is a May 1996 disciplinary letter reprimanding Lempesis for inappropriate conduct with a male student while he was a teacher and coach at Burr Ridge Middle School.

Karen Enright is the attorney for former Burr Ridge Middle School student and alleged Lempesis victim Adam Kelly, who alleges Lempesis violently raped him on at least 12 occasions between 1995 and 1999, alone and with other males.

Lempesis acknowledged during his Feb. 10, 2015 deposition that he received the reprimand letter. The related incident occurred while Lempesis was alone with a 13-year old classmate of Kelly. The boy’s mother, Kathleen Niew, reportedly found Lempesis wrestling with her son in the basement rec room of her home. Niew confronted Lempesis and made a formal written complaint to school officials.

Enright subpoenaed Lempesis’ personnel file from the school district, but the school district refused to release the document, citing attorney-client privilege.

Judge Young B. Kim ordered one version of the letter turned over to Enright immediately. Attorneys for D180 have appealed the ruling, claiming that all versions of the disciplinary letter in Lempesis’ personnel file are exempt under attorney-client privilege.

The legal wrangling is taking place as deadlines loom for a possible settlement in the federal case, with a conference scheduled for Sept. 28 and a status hearing set for two days later.

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