The Democratic Party of Oak Park has joined a coalition of concerned organizations, including the Illinois Sierra Club, in support of the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

Oak Park’s own Democratic state Senator Don Harmon, chief sponsor of Illinois Senate Bill1485 (HB2607) said the bill provides new momentum behind the president’s national Clean Power Plan announced in early August.

“The momentum,” said Harmon, “has been on our side all along, as seen in the long list of co-sponsors who see the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill as our best chance to foster innovation, competition and private investment, and to deliver economic benefits across the state. The release of the president’s plan only adds to the logic of passing this bill now, so Illinois can attract new capital and new jobs, and electric consumers can begin to see big savings.”

The Illinois Clean Jobs Bill at a glance:

20% Efficiency + 35% Renewables = 32,000 new Illinois jobs per year

• Average electric bill reduction: 7.86% per year

• Average residential savings: $98.4 per year

•  Total residential savings: $1.61 billion

• Will help Illinois achieve federal goal of reducing carbon emissions by 31%

The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is made up of businesses and organizations representing the state’s environmental, business and faith communities. Currently more than 150 businesses and 50 organizations have joined the coalition to promote steps to improve the Illinois environment, help consumers, improve public health, and create tens of thousands of new renewable energy and energy conservation jobs across the state.   

David Martin

Member, Democratic Party of Oak Park
Climate Action Team

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