Oak Park property owners concerned about their property taxes have an opportunity to do something about next year’s tax bills. Oak Park property owners can appeal their 2015 assessed values with the Cook County Board of Review through Sept. 1. 

The township is offering residents two ways to get help in filing an appeal:

The first option is to attend a meeting with the Board of Review next Wednesday, Aug. 26. At the meeting, representatives from the office of Board of Review Commissioner Larry Rogers Jr. will explain the appeal process and help residents file appeals. The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at the Oak Park Township Senior Services building, 130 S. Oak Park Ave. The meeting is co-sponsored by the offices of the Oak Park Township Assessor, state Senator Don Harmon and Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin.

The second option involves a visit to the Township Assessor’s Office. During the visit, the assessor’s office staff will help residents prepare evidence to substantiate their appeals. To avoid long waits in his office, those seeking help from the township should call 708-383-8005 to schedule an appointment.

All Oak Park properties were reassessed in 2014, and the tax bills that were mailed in July were the first to reflect the reassessment. Since the appeal period for the 2014 assessment has been closed for nearly a year, taxpayers for the most part cannot do anything about the bills they just paid. But a successful 2015 appeal with the Board of Review can reduce a property owner’s 2015 tax bill, which will be paid in calendar year 2016.

Ali ElSaffar

Oak Park Township Assessor 

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